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Schedule of Library Charges


From 1 April 2024

Internet - Library members
  • Free for first hour in any day
  • 92p per half hour thereafter
Internet - Non members£1.88 for each half hour
Non-Internet Use of ComputersFree
Compact Discs£1.72 for 3 weeks
Talking Books£1.72 for 3 weeks
Language Courses£1.72 for 3 weeks
DVDs/Videos (various charges)Charged at the rental rate
Reservations (in Stock)Free
Items borrowed from outside Tameside£6.32 for each item

FINES (Maximum charge of £5 per item)

- Books    

- Sound recordings


  • 23p a day
    11p a day concessions
  • 23p a day
    11p a day concessions
  • Charged at the rental rate
ADMINISTRATION CHARGE – if you have books that are very overdue we will send you an INVOICE and there will be a charge of £22.88 plus overdue charges for adults and a £11.44 charge for children. You can avoid paying for overdue items by using our renewal facilities – ask staff for details

Lost Key Cards - Replacement
  • £2.41 for adults
  • £1.20 for children
Lost or Damaged Items of StockCharged at full replacement cost
Photocopying15p per A4 Black & White sheet
 25p per A3 
Black & White sheet
70p per A4 Colour sheet
£1.37 per A3 Colour sheet
Memory sticksSubject to availability
3D Printing£1.22 per metre AND 60p per hour.