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Common Names of Dangerous Wild Animals (as shown in the Act)

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Marsupials | Primates | Edentates | Rodents | Carnivores | Pinnipedes | Elephants | Odd-Toed Ungulates | Hyraxes | Aardvark | Even-Toed Ungulates


  • The Tasmanian Devil
  • Grey kangaroos, the euro, the wallaroo and the red kangaroo


  • Tamarins
  • New-world monkeys (including capuchin, howler, saki, spider, squirrel, tit, uakari and woolly monkeys and the night monkey (otherwise known as the douroucouli)
  • Old World Monkeys (including baboons, the drill, colobus monkeys, the gelada, guenons, langurs, leaf monkeys, macaques, the mandrill, mangabeys, the patas and proboscis monkeys and the talapoin)
  • Leaping lemurs (including the indri, sifakas and the woolly lemur)
  • Large lemurs (the broad nosed gentle lemur and the grey gentle lemur are excepted)
  • Anthropoid apes (including chimpanzees, gibbons, the gorilla and the orang-utan)


  • Sloths
  • The giant armadillo
  • The giant anteater


  • The North American Porcupine
  • The capybara
  • Crested porcupines


  • The giant panda and the red panda
  • Jackals, wild dogs, wolves, and the coyote (foxes, the racoon-dog and the domestic dog are excepted)
  • The bobcat, caracal, cheetah, jaguar, lion, lynx, ocelot, puma, serval, tiger and all other cats (the domestic cat is excepted)
  • Hyenas (except the aardwolf)
  • Badgers (except the Eurasian badger), otters (except the European otter), and the tayra, wolverine, fisher and ratel (otherwise known as the honey badger)
  • Cacomistles, raccoons, coatis, olingos, the little coatimundi and the kinkajou
  • Bears
  • The African, large spotted, Malay and large Indian civets, the binturong and the fossa.


  • The walrus, eared seals, sealions and earless seals (the common and grey seals are excepted)


  • Elephants

Odd-toed Ungulates

  • Asses, horses and zebras (the donkey, domestic horse and domestic hybrids are excepted)
  • Rhinoceroses
  • Tapirs


  • Tree and rock hyraxes (otherwise known as dassies)


  • The aardvark

Even-toed Ungulates

  • The pronghorn
  • Antelopes, bison, buffalo, cattle, gazelles, goats and sheep (domestic cattle, goats and sheep are excepted)
  • Camels, the guanaco and the vicugna (the domestic llama and alpaca are excepted)
  • The moose or elk and the caribou or reindeer (the domestic reindeer is excepted)
  • The giraffe and the okapi
  • The hippopotamus and the pygmy hippopotamus
  • Old world pigs (including the wild boar and the wart hog) (the domestic pig is excepted)
  • New world pigs (otherwise known as peccaries)
  • Mammalian hybrids with a parent (or parents) of a specified kind



Cassowaries and Emu

  • Cassowaries
  • The emu


  • The Ostrich




  • Alligators and caimans
  • Crocodiles and the false gharial
  • The gharial (otherwise known as the gavial)

Lizards and Snakes

  • Mole vipers and certain rear-fanged venomous snakes (including the moila and Montpellier snakes, sand snakes, twig snakes, the mangrove(otherwise known as the yellow-ringed catsnake), the boomslang, the re-necked keelback and the yamakagashi (otherwise known as the Japanese tiger snake)
  • Certain front-fanged venomous snakes including cobras, coral snakes, the desert black snake, kraits, mambas, sea snakes and all Australian poisonous snakes (including the death adders)
  • The gila monster and the (Mexican) bearded lizard
  • Certain front-fanged venomous snaked (including adders, the barba amarilla, the bushmaster, the copperhead, the fer-delance, moccasins, rattlesnakes and vipers)




  • Wandering spiders
  • The Sydney funnel-web spider and its close relatives
  • The Brazilian wolf spider
  • Brown recluse spiders (otherwise known as violin spiders)
  • The black widow spider (otherwise known as redback spider) and its close relatives.


  • Buthid scorpions
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