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Smokefree Gates

Smokefree Gates


Smokefree gates is a scheme which involves schools, early years and private, voluntary and independent settings (PVIs) to adopt and implement a smokefree gates policy.

Smokefree gates aims to de-normalise smoking for children and young people by parents and carers not smoking in the vicinity of the entrance gates.

Did you know that 85% of people agree and strongly agree that smoking outdoor in front of children and young people sets a bad example.
Smokefree gates is part of a wider movement to increase the amount of smokefree spaces across Tameside.

Let’s make smoking history for children and young people!
Get in touch with Victoria Hamlett or Charlotte Lee at Population Health, Tameside Council for more information about our Smokefree gates scheme and how to get involved. Or download our toolkit, to help you get started.


Holden Clough

St James’


Georgie Porgies



Sarah Jayne’s Childcare


Name of Smokefree Early Years Town
St Peters Children’s Centre Ashton
Greenside Children’s Centre Droylsden
Hyde Children’s Centre Hyde
Ridge Hill Children’s Centre Stalybridge
Rainbow Corner Playgroup Hyde
ABC Day Nursery Hyde
Little Giggles Nursery Ashton & Audenshaw
St Peter’s Partnership Ashton
Clockwork Day Nursery Ashton
Little Munchkins Nursery Denton
Sarah Jayne’s Childcare Droylsden
Name of Smokefree Primary School Town
Millbrook Primary School Stalybridge
Gorse Hall Primary School Stalybridge
Bradley Green Primary School Hyde
Fairfield Road Primary School Droylsden
Our Lady of Mount Carmel R.C Primary School Ashton
St Mary’s CofE Primary School Droylsden
St James Primary School Hyde
Staly Hill Primary School Stalybridge
Micklehurst Primary Schools Mossley
Arlies Primary School Stalybridge
St John Fisher Primary School Denton