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Alcohol and Drinking Less

Like to unwind with a glass of something in the evening? If you're not careful it's easy for the occasional glass in the evening to quickly become 2 or 3 glasses most days.

Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week. This is the same as 6 pints of average strength beer a week. Regularly drinking more than this can increase the risk to your health.

What is sensible drinking?

UK Government daily guidelines now state that both men and women should drink no more than 14 units over the course of three days or more. Double these units and you are classed as a binge drinker.

If you are pregnant it is better to not drink at all as no level of alcohol is found safe to drink in pregnancy.

The rules also advise that it's best not to ‘save up units’ and drink them all in one go and to make sure you have alcohol-free days.

Tips for drinking sensibility

  • Pace your drinks with water or a soft drink between every alcoholic drink and don't mix your alcoholic drinks choose one and stick with it.
  • Eat a meal before drinking or if there will be food offered while you are out have a small snack before you go out.
  • Have some days off alcohol, one day at least a week is recommended.
  • Remember the alcohol measures you pour at home are often larger than normal pub measures.

Going out

  • Plan to get home before you go out- if you are going out in the car decide who will be the designated non- drinking driver or book a taxi before you leave with a licensed private hire company (details of 24 hour Tameside licensed taxis see below).
  • Remember to set aside the money for your taxi at the beginning of the evening.
  • Friends stick together to stay safe, don't let your friends wander off by themselves, stay together and arrange how you are getting home together.
  • If you have to walk stay in a group and don't walk through unlit or unsafe areas or use unused short cuts, stay in busy areas and busy roads.
  • Drinks can be spiked with either drugs or alcohol. This can lead to sexual assault or robbery. Your drink could be spiked anywhere in a pub, club at a house party even in your own home. Always keep your drink with you, don't accept drinks from a stranger or an acquaintance.

What a Unit is   


Drink Type




Standard Beer (alc 3.5% vol)

1 Pint (568ml)



Premium Beer/Lager (alc 5% vol)

1 Pint (568ml)



1 Bottle (330ml)



Super strength Lager (alc 9% vol)

1 Can (440ml)



Regular Cider (alc 5% vol)

1 Pint (568ml)



Strong Cider (alc 9% vol)

1 Pint (568ml)



Wine/Champagne (alc 12% vol)

Small glass (125ml)



Medium glass (175ml)



Large glass (250ml)



Gin/Vodka/Rum (alc 37.5% vol)

Small single (25ml)



Large single (35ml)



Whisky/Tequila (alc 40% vol)

Small single (25ml)



Large single (35ml)



Alcopop (alc 5% vol)

Regular bottle (275ml)



This information table is only intended as a guide only. Brands may contain fewer or more calories and/or units than indicated above. For accuracy you are advised to check labels on products or contact the manufacturer.

Remember to add the calorie content of the mixer e.g. lemonade, cola or tonic water.

Help and Support

Be Well Tameside
Tameside Be Well Service provides holistic health and wellbeing support, advice and help on a range of subjects including drinking less. Contact them today to find out more or book an appointment.
Telephone: 0161 342 5050  or email:

My Recovery Tameside – 0161 672 9626
My Recovery Tameside is an integrated all age service, provided by CGL (change, Grow, Live). The service works with residents to reduce and respond to drug and alcohol related harm in Tameside.

The service will deliver from a range of community settings and with a Head Office and Adult Clinic at: 111-113 Old Street, Ashton-U-Lyne, OL6 7RL.
Residents and professionals can get in contact with My Recovery Tameside via telephone: 0161 672 9420  

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