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Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy - Promoting Sustainable School Travel

Tameside’s overall vision for its "Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy - Promoting Sustainable School Travel(3.46MB)  is where every parent of every child has an equal choice of and access to educational opportunity for their child.

The strategy encourages sustainable travel choices on the journey to and from school which will help in fostering a long term change in the travel habits of children, parents, teachers and hopefully the wider community, so that they are more likely to take up walking, cycling and public transport.

The strategy’s overall aims is to reduce car use for travel to school, improve safety and security on the school journey, improve the health of school children by encouraging use of active modes, and to contribute to the improvement of the local environment through reduced emissions.

The strategy also contains information on a host of associated initiatives including School Travel Plans, current school bus services, information on pedestrian and cycle training and most importantly an Action Plan setting out a series of initiatives to take forward the plan over the longer period.

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