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Infant and Junior School Admissions

Stalyhill Junior School admits pupils from Year 3 through to Year 6 and it is the only junior school in Tameside.  The school admission arrangements for admission into Year 3 are available on the school website and on the Tameside Council website
The admission arrangements set out how places are allocated at the school and what happens if there are more applications than places available.

How to Apply for an Infant to Junior Place

Tameside residents should use the Tameside Citizen Portal to apply for an Infant to Junior place, even if you are applying for a Junior School outside of Tameside. If you do not live within Tameside but wish to apply for a place at a Tameside school, you should apply via your own Local Authority.

If your child is starting Junior School for the first time in September 2024 AND you are a Tameside resident, please use the link below to apply for an Infant to Junior place for 2024:
Apply for an Infant to Junior 2024 school place here
The closing date for submitting an Infant to Junior 2024 school application was 15th January 2024. Applications submitted after this date will be processed as a ‘late’ application.


When You Will be Informed of Your Allocated School Place 

  • On-time applications - if your application was submitted on or before 15th January 2024,  you will be notified of your allocated school, by email, during  National Offer Day – 16 April 2024. You will also be able to view your allocated school by logging into your Citizen Portal after midnight on National Offer Day.
  • Late applications - if your application was submitted after 15th January 2024, you will receive notification of your allocated school at a later date, by letter. Late allocations are not viewable via the Citizen’s Portal.

Timetable for Applying for a Primary School Place 

01 November 2023The online admissions system opens for Junior school places (Junior 2024).
15 January 2024Closing date for applications.
30 January 2024The online admissions system opens for ‘late’ Junior school applications (Junior 2024).
02 February 2024Last date for any changes to the address in your application.
16 April 2024National Offer Day.

What if You Are Not Offered a Place at Your Preferred School 

If you have included other schools in your application and they have places available, we will offer your child a place at one of those schools. If it is not possible to allocate a place at any of your preferred schools, the Local Authority will allocate a place at the nearest school to your home address that has a place available. 
If you are not offered a place at the school(s) of your choice you will have the right to appeal against the decision. For information on school appeals, please visit our school appeals page here
Please note: your child's name will be automatically placed on waiting lists for schools that you have ranked higher than your allocated school. You will retain the place you have been allocated until you secure a place at an alternative school.

The Starting Out book also describes what happens after your application is submitted and what to do if you do not get a place at Stalyhill Junior School on National Offer Day.
Apply for an Infant to Junior 2024 school place here