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Care Homes

We want you to live well in the place you call home, so if living at home is becoming more difficult, a care home can provide extra daily care and support. 

Before looking at a care home we will always consider all other types of support, such as home adaptations or accessing care and support at home or extra care housing. 

Registered Care Homes

Below you can find a list of registered care homes in Tameside who provide residential or nursing care for people aged 55 and over.

Care Homes

Care Homes

Choosing a Care Home

Before choosing a care home, we suggest you always visit before making your final decision. Take along Age UK's checklist of important things to ask the staff. 

The NHS also offer good advice about choosing the right care home.

Quality of Care

If you want to understand the standard of care, and quality of life you or your loved one will receive at a particular home, you can ask to see the care home's inspection report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

All care homes must be registered with the CQC, as they regularly inspect homes to make sure they are meeting the national standards. 

We also regularly monitor care homes across Tameside to make sure they are complying with our contracts and providing high quality care. 



After your financial assessment we will look at how you will pay for your care and support, self-funders/private residents will negotiate fees directly with the care home.

The below table shows the fees payable by the Council/NHS from the 1 April 2024 for those who are eligible for financial support. 

Please note the nursing rates include the free nursing care contribution at the applicable rate. 


Fee Rates – 2023/24


Residential with Dementia


Nursing with Dementia






Standard Rate





Enhanced Rate





  *PLEASE NOTE:Behaviours that challenge can mean that someone may need staff with additional training to support them. This will influence the fees paid but will only apply if someone is assessed by the mental health team as meeting the below criteria. 

Criteria for 24 Hour Care

Residential and Nursing Criteria

Residential and Nursing Criteria

Criteria for all residential and nursing care provided in 24-hour care (55+)  

Enhanced Payments


Alongside the NHS we operate an Enhanced Payment Scheme. To qualify for the enhanced rate the care home provider needs to show they meet certain criteria (over and above the core contract requirements):

  • The care home works proactively with the wider community and has organised three or more events over the last twelve months.
  • 70% of residents have ‘life stories' completed within two months of admission.
  • 85% of Staff are QCF qualified to level 2 (two) and/or are registered on a QCF level 2 (two) course (excluding modern apprentices).
  • The registered manager is qualified to NVQ level 4 (or equivalent).
  • The home has completed the ‘Gold Standard Framework' or the ‘Six Steps to Success Programme for Care Homes' for end of life care. 
  • The Provider will have an overall Care Quality Commission rating of ‘Good' or ‘Outstanding'.
  • The Provider attends 75% of the Commissioner organised Provider Forum meetings.
  • 80% of the monthly monitoring forms are returned (fully completed).

The above is checked on an annual basis.



Enhanced care homes can only charge top-ups for environmental factors, for example en-suites or larger rooms that have been chosen by the person living in the care home. 

Care homes that do not receive the enhanced rate are free to charge a top-up in line with their companies’ policies.  
 If a care home does charge more than our agreed rates, a Third-Party Contract (or in certain circumstances a First Party Agreement) will be needed. This Third Party Contract is a legally binding contract between us, the care home, and whoever signs the Third Party/First Party Contract to pay an additional amount every week towards the cost of the placement.
 Before signing a Third Party/First Party Contract you will need to give us an assurance that you have the financial means to continue to pay the top-up for the duration of the placement. Failure to keep up any top-up payments may result in the resident to be moved to another placement that accepts our/NHS’s standard rate.