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Smoke Free Sports

Smokefree Sports is about de-normalising smoking and breaking the association between sports and smoking. Smokefree Sports is about providing and promoting positive healthy smokefree environment for children and young people to learn, develop and socialise in.
Smoking can be a learnt behaviour, often started in childhood. Smokefree Sports is about changing people’s behaviours and ideas about smoking through education, cultural and environmental change.
It is estimated nearly all smokers started smoking regularly before the age of 18. Every hour in Greater Manchester another child starts to smoke. That is about 3 rugby/ football teams/ 3 cricket teams starting to smoke every day!
It is time to change this and we want to inspire a smokefree generation in Tameside!  
  • Do you believe children should be able to play sports, learn and develop in a safe environment free from smoke?
  • Do you believe children should not be exposed to smoking behaviour which could influence them to start smoking?
  • Do you believe children should supported and helped to live a healthy smokefree lifestyle? 

If so, join Ashton-Under-Lyne RFC and become one of the 1st sports clubs in Tameside to go smokefree!

“I am sure that we won’t be the last club to take up the worthy chance to make a positive change in the interest of the children within their clubs and organisations”. Rick Parker, Chairman Ashton-Under-Lyne RFC.
Smokefree Sports is part of a wider movement to increase the amount of smokefree spaces across Tameside.
Let’s make smoking history for children and young people!
Get in touch with Victoria Hamlett at Population Health, Tameside Council for more information on making your sports club smokefree.

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