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Temporary Advertisements On Street Furniture

Yellow New Housing Development Directional Signs

Tameside Council is continuing its push for safer, cleaner streets by reinstating tighter control of roadside banners and lamp-post posters.

Anyone who wants to display a Yellow New Housing Development Directional sign will have to apply to council highways engineers for permission.

How do I apply to put up an Yellow New Housing sign?

People need to apply in writing (or apply online) at least 28 days before the publicity is to go up, providing information on where and when they would like to display their items and the reason for the sign.

Engineers will judge if the proposed site is suitable, in highways safety terms, for pedestrians and drivers and applicants will be informed if they have permission.

How much does it cost?

Each application, will be subject to a £86.00 administration charge and £33.00 per sign plus VAT.

Each application, which does not adhere to the terms and conditions, will be subject to a £78 charge (per sign) plus VAT, to cover administration and / or removal costs as appropriate.

The costs to erect posts installed by TMBC per sign is £200.65 plus VAT

What are the terms and conditions?

The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992

Conditions relating to the Siting of Temporary Advertisements on Street Furniture for Local Religious, Educational, Cultural, Political, Social or Recreational Events, Travelling Circuses and Fairs

  1. The applicant shall submit a schedule describing where it is proposed that each advertisement shall be placed.
  2. The applicant shall submit proof of their Public Liability Insurance for the sum of £10 million to indemnify the Council against any claim for damages, which may arise resulting from the display of these adverts.
  3. No advertisement should be erected on traffic signal posts.
  4. No advertisement should be erected in such a manner as to obstruct a driver’s view of any traffic signal aspect or traffic sign.
  5. All signs must comply with the regulations as set down in The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (TSR & GD). The signs must conform to Dia. 2701 or Dia 2701.1 in TSR&GD, and must not include the developers/ builders name.
  6. Signage should be no more than 2 miles of the site / development.
  7. No advertisement to exceed 0.3m2.
  8. Advertisements must not be erected more than 14 days before the development is open to the public / show house, and must be removed after all of the development is sold or within 12 months (whichever is the sooner).
  9. No banner / sign should be erected on a lamp column etc. so as to reduce the passing traffic clearance which exists between the columns and the kerb edge, where it is 450mm (18 inches) or less, i.e. the minimum distance between the sign edge and the kerb edge should not be less than 450mm.
  10. Signs must be erected to maintain the minimum headroom clearance of 2.2 meters (7’2”) above the footway.
  11. Supplied council permit stickers must be attached to the rear of the sign before erection.

How can I make a complaint about the placement / condition of a Yellow New Housing sign?

Any complaints about the location or safety of a sign should be reported to us immediately by using the contact details below. Non urgent complaints about signs can be logged on the online complaints system and this will be dealt with accordingly.

Reference: Enforcement Co-ordination Panel - Temporary Advertising on Street Furniture - 19th November 2008

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