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Advisory Parking Bays

The council can install an Advisory Parking Bay for residents who are disabled blue badge holders. This is a box marking made up of white dashed lines, there is NO WORDING OR DISABLED SYMBOL. The marking is advisory and as such cannot be enforced by the council or the police. It works on the basis that residents leave the area free for the disabled resident to park in out of courtesy. Generally these markings, when supported by the community, do work well improve living conditions for disabled residents.
As the parking bay is advisory, the success of the marking relies on the support of the applicants neighbours to ensure that the space is kept clear for the applicant. Therefore, upon receipt of an application the council will request the applicants permission to contact properties in the immediate neighbourhood to explain the use of the Advisory Parking Bay marking and ascertain if they have any objections to its installation.
Should any objections be received, the Council unfortunately cannot give authorisation for the installation of the marking. There is no right to appeal against the decision not to install the bay on the basis of objections received, as without the support of neighbours there would be no improvement in parking to the applicant.
If no objections are received the bay will be approved. Upon approval there is a charge of £130.00 payable to the Council prior to the installation of the bay. Once payment has been received instruction will be issued to the lining contractor for the marking to be installed. Please be aware that it can take up to 12 weeks from the date the instruction is given for this work to be completed.
The council reserves the right to not install the marking should it feel that it will not be successful or will lead to undue community tensions. Similarly, if the marking is installed and is shown to be causing problems in the neighbourhood, the council reserves the right to have the marking removed.
If you wish to make an application to the council for the installation of an Advisory Parking Bay please contact the council in writing including your full name, address and blue badge number using the contact details below.

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