Policy for Use of Archives by the Media

Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre require advance notice of at least ten working days of any intention to use the collections for filming or photography. This application should be made in writing and should include details of the records required. background to the film, programme or article and requirements, for example onsite filming or supply of a facsimile.

All media requests to use archives should be made in writing to the Archivist, Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre, Tameside Central Library, Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, OL6 7SG. 

The Local Studies and Archives Centre cannot undertake research on behalf of production companies or newspapers. The company must undertake its own research or use the paid Research Service available through the Archive Service.

In the case of Deposited collections or items held on loan, permission for the use of items must be sought from the depositor or owner by the media company or agency. The Archive Service will assist where possible with contacting the depositor or owner.

The media company or agency is responsible for clearing copyright on any items to which copyright applies. In some cases, copyright may not be granted.

The media company or agency is responsible for ensuring that subsequent use of the copies does not infringe copyright.

The media company or agency is responsible for ensuring that it has adequate insurance to cover filming and photography on Local Studies and Archives premises. Filming or photography of documents will normally take place on Archive Service premises.

Tameside Local Studies and / or the depositor or owner of the archive must be credited using the form of wording supplied by the Archive Service.

Media use of archive material is subject to our Preservation Policy and the guidelines given below. The Archive Service may refuse or halt filming or photography if the material is compromised in any way.

A member of Tameside Local Studies and Archives staff must be present at all times to supervise filming/photography.

Archive material must not be subjected to excessive lighting levels as this can cause significant damage to documents. Tameside Local Studies and Archives reserves the right to request reduced light levels to minimise the risk to archive material.

Gloves will be worn by those handling archives. Additionally, appropriate equipment, such as book rests, book snakes etc. will be used as required.

Fees are charged for the reproduction of items.

All fees and charges must be paid in advance of filming/photography.

Tameside Local Studies and Archives requests a copy of the transmission / broadcast / article once complete.

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