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Ashton Market Hall Layout

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Have a look at the layout and the traders in the Market Hall.

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Stall 1 Cheese Stall

Selling: Cheese


Stall 2The Cutting Station

Selling: Unisex Hairdressers


Stall 3 Bunz Bakery

              Selling: Bread, Hot Pasties & Cakes


Stall 4 The Pantry

Selling: Bread & Muffins


Stall 5 Seaking Fresh Fish Seafood, Game & Poultry

Selling: Fish, Game & Poultry


Stall 6 Detox Juice Bar

                Selling:  Smoothies & Juice Drinks


Stall 7 Briggs Quality Butcher

Selling: Meats & Sausages


Stall 8 Strawberry Garden

Selling: Greengrocery


Stall 9 Strawberry Garden

Selling: Greengrocery


Stall 10 Cyprus Kouzina

                Selling: Cypriot Food


Stall 11 Rogersons Off-licence

Selling: Off-Licence & Tobacconist


Stall 12 Cards Galore

                Selling: Greeting Cards


Stall 13 Traditional Foods

Selling: Deli


Stall 14 Wellbeing Corner


Stall 15 Florence Café

Selling: Italian Café


Stall 16 


Stall 17 A.R.K Computers

Selling: Computer supplies


Stall 18 The Press Gang

Selling: Dry Cleaning, Washing and Ironing


Stall 19 Nail Story

               Selling:  Nail and Beauty Salon


Stall 20 Raz Mobile Zone

                Selling: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Phone Accessories, Repairs


Stall 21 Fu Mei (UK) Ltd

                Selling: Aromik


Stall 22 DVD Stall

Selling: DVDs


Stall 23


Stall 24 Mobile Revolution

Selling: Mobile Phones & Accessories


Stall 25 Mobile Revolution

Selling: Mobile Phones & Accessories


Stall 26 Alwyn’s Essentials

Selling: Ladies Lingerie


Stall 27 Goody Two Shoes

Selling: Footwear


Stall 28 Spektacles

Selling: Spectacles


Stall 29 Cards Galore

Selling: Greetings Cards


Stall 29A Cards Galore

Selling: Greetings Cards


Stall 30 S Williams & Sons

Selling: Delicatessen


Stall 31 Hari Market News

Selling: Newsagents


Stall 32 Naeem Fashions

Selling: Ladies fashion


Stall 33 Suzy’s Sweet Memories

Selling: Traditional And Retro Sweets


Stall 34a 


Stall 34b 


Stall 35 Sia Accessories

Selling: Jewelery


Stall 36 Brians Curtains

Selling: Curtains & Household Textiles


Stall 37 Chris's Vacs, Washers & Service

Selling: White Goods and spares


Stall 38 Julie’s Childrens & Babywear

Selling: Childrenswear


Stall 39 Julie’s Childrens & Babywear

Selling: Childrenswear


Stall 40 Tameside Electric

                Selling: Electrical Goods


Stall 41 My Medicines

                Selling: My Medicines


Stall 42 Linda's Cosmetic Corner

Selling: Cosmetics & Perfume


Stall 43 Vacant



Stall 44 Ashton Farmhouse Deli

Selling: Provisions


Stall 46b The Sweet Station

              Selling: Confectionary, Sweets, Biscuits & Cakes


Stall 47 


Stall 48 Craven's Shoe Repairs & Key Cutting

Selling: Shoe Repairs & Key Cutting


Stall 49 Beauty Spot

Selling: Eyebrow Threading


Stall 49b 


Stall 51 Bargain Textiles

             Selling: Household Textiles


Stall 52 Paws & Claws

Selling: Pet supplies and requisites


Stall 53 Celebration Gift Cards & Balloons

Selling: Greetings Cards


Stall 54 Baileys Hardware

Selling: Household and DIY Goods


Stall 55 Baileys Hardware

Selling: Household and DIY Goods

Stall 55b Monica’s Bags

              Selling: Bags


Stall 56 Bobby Fashions

Selling: Ladies Fashion


Stall 57 Tarp’s

              Selling: Filipino Fusion Street Food


Stall 58 A Pearson Family Butcher

Selling: Butcher


Stall 60


Stall 61 


Stall 62 Art Gallery


Stall 63 Art Gallery


Stall 64 The Egg Nest

Selling: Eggs


Stall 65 Mobile Phone Shop

               Selling: Mobile Phone & Accessories


Stall 66 Nat’s Bombay Kitchen

Selling: Indian food


Stall 67 Knits & Pieces

                Selling: Quality Yarns and haberdashery items


Stall 68 Baileys Hardware

Selling: Household & DIY Goods


Stall 69 E 5 Beauty

Selling: Make up & Beauty Products


Stall 70 Dell's Suits

Selling: Men's wear


Stall 71 Bella Outerwear

                Selling: Ladies Outerwear


Stall 72 Gems Jewellers

Selling: Watches, Clocks, Jewelery & Repairs


Stall 73 Occasions

                Selling: Gifts, Ornaments & Dried Flowers


Stall 75 Wendy & Mandy's

Selling: Café


Stall 76 Cordwell's Hot Deli

Selling: BBQ Chicken, Cooked Meats, Etc


Stall 77 A-List Fancy Dress

Selling: Fancy Dress

Stall 78 Steven’s Handbags & Luggage

                Selling: Handbags & luggage

Stall 79 Rudie's Café

Selling: Café


Stall 80 Caribbean Kitchen

                Caribbean Food


Stall 81 Magpie Haberdashery

Selling: Haberdashery



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