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Claiming Benefits and Universal Credit

All benefit claims in Tameside start with a claim to Universal Credit  

Apply for Universal Credit

You will need an email address to apply for Universal Credit online.

It is important that you make a claim for Universal Credit as soon as you receive your positive decision from the Home Office. Universal Credit takes around 5 weeks to be processed and paid and will start from the date you make your claim.

After you have made your claim, you will then be contacted by the Job Centre to verify your ID and complete the first stage of your claim.

To make the initial claim online, you do not need your National Insurance Number, however you should have your Biometric Residence Permit. If you have not been provided with your National Insurance number, the Job Centre will advise you on this.

Once your claim has been processed and you qualify for Universal Credit, you can apply for advance payment of your Universal Credit via your online journal. If you need support to make a claim, the LAASLO team can help