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In the UK, persons seeking asylum are generally not permitted to work while they wait for a decision on their case. The Home Office may in some circumstances grant permission to work to people seeking asylum whose claim has been outstanding for more than 12 months - this is restricted to jobs on the shortage occupations list published by the Home Office. It is recommended you seek independent advice before you take any action which may affect your entitlement to support. 

Relevant links in case of need: 
Permission to work and volunteering for asylum seekers (accessible version) - GOV.UK ( 
Shortage occupation list Immigration Rules Appendix Shortage Occupation List - Immigration Rules - Guidance - GOV.UK (

After your asylum claim has been determined and you have been given leave to remain in the UK, you will be able to access employment. You should be provided with a National Insurance Number to give to your employer.

If your Immigration decision confirms that you do not have access to public funds or employment, please seek advice from Migrant Help UK

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, you can speak to your Job Coach at the Job Centre about possible employment opportunities and training courses.
You may want to register with an employment agency such as Bennett Staff here in Tameside.

You can also search for jobs on Internet job sites such as
  • Indeed
  • Total Jobs
  • Monster
  • Reed

You can find more information here: