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Do you have a Burglar Alarm?

  • The Council gets hundreds of complaints every year about intruder alarms sounding.
  • The vast majority are sounding falsely and Environmental Health Officers have to get these turned off, sometimes by force.
  • The cost of this is passed on to the owner or occupier of the house and the bill can turn into hundreds of pounds.
  • Your alarm should have a 20 minute cut out to stop it from ringing for long periods. Even if it does have a cut out it may be triggered over and over again by a fault or even by a pet.
  • Even the best maintained alarm systems can develop faults so you can help us, and perhaps save yourself a considerable sum of money, by having someone else hold a key for you.
  • If you let us know who your keyholders are, we can contact them for you and get your alarm turned off without trauma.  Please use the contact details below to register your details with us.  We will need your name, address and telephone contacts together with contact details for one or two keyholders.
  • If you haven't got an alarm, please pass on this information to a friend or relative who does have one.

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