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Doorstep Crime


Some criminals won’t go to the trouble of breaking into your home if they can just knock and be invited in. They either distract the resident while they steal items or trick the person into paying too much for a simple job.

Doorstep crime can happen to anyone. However, a victim of this sort of crime is most frequently:

  • An elderly person
  • Female
  • Living alone
  • Targeted after bereavement

No Cold Calling zones

This is a designated zone where people cannot cold call - or call without an appointment - for any reason. It sends out a clear message to criminals that their actions will not be tolerated. To discuss the possibility of setting up a No Cold Calling zone, contact your local policing team.

If you require more information regarding the above please visit this website

Bogus Callers come in different guises, usually they want to try and trick you, to get into your home to steal. They may say they are from the water board, council, police or even a child wanting a ball back! If you’re not sure don’t open the door, watch this for more advice....


Bogus Caller Presentations:

Are you a member of a small group, or large club? Ever considered a Bogus Caller Presentation?

A presentation can be shown at your group or club to explain the facts, and inform people of Doorstep Crime.

If you would like to know more or are interested in booking a presentation then please ring ?