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Tameside Businesses

How you can support young people.

Would you like to support the growth, development, and future of young people in Tameside?

Did you know?

Young people who have four or more employer encounters with the world of work whilst at school are five times less likely to become NEET, and on average will go on to earn 16% more than their peers who did not have such opportunities.
Benefits for your business:
  • Flexibility.
  • Innovation and energy.
  • Young people develop with your business.
  • Support staff retention.
  • Diversity of perspectives and experience.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Tech savvy.

This is in addition to the more widespread positive social and economic impacts.

Even the smallest gesture can have a massive impact on the future of a young person.

Here are some ways that you can help:

Work experience: this could be to a school pupil aged 15-16 as a part of their (school) work-experience, or for a young person aged up to 18. This would provide a taste of what working life is like and give an understanding of a role in a sector that they are interested in.

Taster days: invite young people to shadow one of your employees to give an insight and understanding of what the role involves.

Introduction to your workplace and business: highlight what your business does and provide an overview of the different departments and processes involved. Enlighten young people around the requirements of different roles and how to get into them, let them hear from your employees about what’s involved in their day-to-day duties. It’s a great opportunity to inspire young minds!

Job opportunities: do you have vacancies available or coming up that would suit a young person? Would you relish the opportunity to support and develop a young person? If so, we can connect you with potential applicants.

Work placements via the Youth Employment Support (YES) scheme: Do you have opportunities in the pipeline but would like to get your future employee onboard and upskilled before starting fully in their new role? Could you create a paid role for a young person? the YES scheme can provide you with financial and holistic support for your new recruit for up to six months.

Apprenticeship: would you like to develop the future of your workforce, supporting them with both experience and qualifications, whilst tailoring their skills to your needs? An apprenticeship could be the perfect solution for you.
If you require further information or would be able to support on any of the areas listed above, please email: