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Eligibility for a Zero Fare Bus Pass / Train Pass / Cycle Allowance for School Aged Pupils

You should read the full home to school transport policy before making an application which can be found here.


Applications for Zero Fare Bus Passes are processed by your home authority. If you live outside Tameside you must apply to the authority in which you reside, not the authority where the school is located.

From September 2017, the Council will no longer provide a bus pass for pupils attending denominational schools other than for the following eligible pupils:

Group 1

Pupils whose nearest qualifying school is outside ‘walking distance’. ‘Walking distance’ is more than:
• two miles for children under the age of 8
• three miles for children aged 8-16

Group 2
Pupils from low income families travelling to:
• one of the nearest three qualifying schools where they live more than two miles but less than six miles from that school
• the nearest school preferred by reason of a parent’s faith or belief, where the school is more than two miles but less than 15 miles from the child’s home.

Group 3
Pupils who move into Tameside from another area, are in Years 10 or 11, want to stay at their current school and will have to travel more than three miles to that school.


Low income is defined as pupils who are eligible for free school meals 

The distance between home and school is measured by the nearest available walking route

The law defines a qualifying school as a school with places available that provides education appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of the child.

A cycle allowance of £30 per year is payable instead of a bus pass if requested.

It should be noted that when a dispute occurs between a parent / guardian and the Council, the distance between home and school is measured by an officer of the Council.


How do I apply for a travel pass?


If you live in Tameside and are unsure whether your child will be eligible for a free bus pass, please complete the online form. Do not attach a passport photograph at this time. If your application subsequently meets the eligibility criteria you will be asked to provide a photograph.

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