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Excellent Homes and Families.

Tameside Council’s Sufficiency Strategy for Cared for Children 2022-2025

Excellent Families and Homes for Children in Care is the name of our “sufficiency strategy”.
A sufficiency strategy sets out how Tameside Council will make sure there are enough good quality, sustainable, families, homes, and services to look after the children and young people we care for. This is a requirement of the Children’s Act 1989 and is commonly referred to as ‘the sufficiency duty’.

Making sure we have enough of the right, high quality homes and families in Tameside to care for our children, is an important priority for the whole council and our partners. In 2022 this is a vital part of the council’s transformation agenda and involves colleagues from health, housing, adults, schools, colleges, police, registered landlords, children’s services, transformation, human resources, finance and many more. We are all taking responsibility to work together to make sure our children have the right services to care for them in our borough.
This document sets out how sufficiency links to the wider plans and strategies of the council and our vision and outcomes that we want to achieve for our children. It also provides some key information about who the children we care for are and the provision we currently have to meet their needs.