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Community Watch


Are These Workmen Genuine?

Are These Workers Genuine?Tameside Council intends to stop the theft of paving and other items that are on the street.

If you are suspicious have the situation checked

Community Watch is a Council run scheme aimed at stopping the theft of valuable items from our streets.

Thieves see our paving slabs, kerbs, stonework etc as easy pickings and are bold enough to appear with a van, day or night, posing as genuine workmen.

These items have street value and are easily sold on via garden centres and builders merchants for example.

Many shops, post offices, pubs and council building have been identified as locations where the public can register their concerns if they see workmen who they suspect maybe stealing from us.

If you see something suspicious, ask inside any building displaying the Community Watch poster and someone will contact the Council on your behalf and check the situation out.

Are These Workers Genuine?Community Watch is a scheme which will help us to stop this illegal activity, but we need your help!


Useful Contacts

Tameside Council 24-hour Call Centre

Telephone Number 0161 342 2222 Minicom Number 0161 342 3009

Are These Workers Genuine?

Tameside Council Community Safety Unit

Telephone Number 0161 342 3098 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Community Safety Unit

If you have any information about a crime ring Crimestoppers ( Link to External Website on 0800 555 111