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Memorial Benches and Trees

If you are interested in getting a memorial bench installed or a memorial tree planted in one of our greenspaces please read through the information on this page then fill out the form at the bottom and email it to

Memorial Benches

Once we’ve received your email, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide advice on the suitability of the location.  After we've agreed on where to install the bench and suitable wording for a plaque, we organise everything else.  We will source the bench and plaque from a reputable supplier and arrange for its delivery to one of our Depots.  The style of the bench will vary slightly depending on the chosen location.  We will arrange for installation of the bench ourselves to ensure that it has been installed correctly and safely by contractors with the correct levels of skills and insurances.
The price of a bench will vary depending on the type of bench fitted; as an example, it will cost £800 for a recycled plastic bench and plaque.  This charge includes the cost of delivery and installation. 

Memorial Trees

Once we’ve received your email, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide advice on suitable trees for the site you’ve chosen.  After we've agreed on where to plant your tree and what sort of tree to plant, we organise everything else.  We will source your tree from a reputable nursery and arrange for its delivery to one of our Depots. We do this to be satisfied about the quality of the tree to be planted and ensure risk of introducing pests and diseases are minimised.  We will then plant the tree – this will take place between November and March.  We insist on planting the tree ourselves to ensure that it is planted safely, securely and has the best chance of growing into a strong and healthy tree.  If you would like to be present when we plant the tree, please let us know and we will try our best to arrange this – we plant on weekdays only. Purchase of a memorial tree does not give the donor any right to determine its future management, but we are accepting responsibility for the care of your tree, and we will do everything we can to ensure the proper maintenance and special care of your tree for years to come.

The price of your tree will vary depending on the type and the size, but you could expect to pay between £200 and £250 for a standard sized tree.  This charge includes the cost of the tree and delivery, planting materials such as stakes and a small charge for the labour involved in planting the tree. We do not install plaques with trees.

Cremated Remains  

All our public greenspaces are primarily for recreation, leisure and enjoyment.  Therefore, we do not permit the scattering of cremated remains in any of our greenspaces and we cannot allow them to be scattered with the installation of benches or trees as a build-up of them adversely affects soil composition.  If you are looking to scatter ashes you should contact Bereavement Services on 0161 342 4461.

Flowers and other mementoes  

Whilst we can install benches and plant trees in public open spaces these are spaces primarily for recreation, leisure, and enjoyment.  We do not allow flowers or mementoes to be left around memorial benches or trees.  If flowers and mementoes are left these will be removed and disposed of.  
You may notice that we did permit plaques around memorial trees in the past but due to increasing demand and understanding we will no longer permit them. 


Memorials within the countryside  

We do not permit memorial benches or trees in our countryside sites such as Werneth Low Country Park and Park Bridge.  However, you can make a financial contribution towards a project at one of these sites.  For example, a recent donation went towards planting in Park Bridge; there are also opportunities to donate towards projects such as sowing wildflower seed at Werneth Low.  There is a Memorial Book at Werneth Low which you can write in to remember your loved one.



We’re always hopeful that your memorial tree or bench will not be damaged, but this cannot be guaranteed.  If a memorial tree or bench is damaged, we will discuss a replacement with you, but this remains at our discretion.  Please note that Tameside MBC will not accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of a memorial tree or bench unless this is shown to be due to negligence of the Council.  

Greenspace Memorial Request Form

Greenspace Memorial Request Form