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Cracking Crime

Around Your Home

Image of a bunch of keysFor extra protection you could consider installing the following:

  • Automatic deadlocks lock automatically when the door is closed, but when locked externally with a key, cannot be opened from the inside.
  • Chains help you speak with strangers without letting them in. Remember - if in doubt, keep them out.
  • Five-lever mortise deadlocks should be fitted about a third of the way up the door. Fit a deadlock with a key, so a thief can't smash a nearby door panel to open the door from the inside and can't use the door as an escape if he gets in through a window.
  • Hinges should be sturdy and secured with strong, long screws. For added security fit hinge bolts. They are inexpensive and help to reinforce the hinge side of a door against the use of force.
  • Door Viewers enable you to identify callers before opening the door.
  • Never hang a spare key inside the letterbox, under plant pots or doormats - they are obvious places that a thief will check!
  • Consider fitting a letterbox cage which prevents thieves from putting their hand through the letterbox and trying the locks from the inside.