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Image of inside a houseCracking Crime


Inside Your Home


Safe graphicBurglar Alarms and Safes

There are many burglar alarms on the market ranging from inexpensive DIY kits up to sophisticated systems costing hundreds of pounds. Get specialist advice from the police or your insurance company and quotes from several reputable firms before you decide on the system which suits your needs. Make sure the system complies with British Standard 4743 if professionally installed or British Standard 6707 if DIY fitted. If you keep precious possessions in the home, it may be worth investing in a small floor or wall safe to keep them secure.


Image of someone marking a camera for security purposesMarking valuables

Thieves look for portable, high value and easily saleable goods like TV's, video recorders, hi-fi equipment, home computers, cameras etc. An excellent way to protect items is to mark them with an indelible identification showing your postcode, the number of your house or flat or the first two letters of its name. Place a sticker (available from the police) in a front window to tell thieves that your property is marked. The sticker will make them think twice. The marking makes it harder for the thief to sell your property to a dealer. Always mark property underneath as the post code can be visible on non-porous surfaces and try to renew each year. Marker pens are available from all good stationers and DIY stores from around £2. 

Image of someone locking a doorDoors

Locking internal doors while you are at home may make you feel more secure, but do consider escape in the event of fire. Locking internal doors while you are away can sometimes prevent a burglar from progressing around your home but usually results in considerable damage being caused.

Inside lighting

Image of lighting in a houseDuring the hours of darkness, giving the impression that someone is at home by leaving lights on is a very useful deterrent. More than one is necessary, for example the bathroom, bedroom and living room with some of them on timers so they can be automatically switched on and off. If possible, curtains should be drawn during the hours of darkness. The best way is to have a trusted neighbour do it for you and you may be able to return the favour. If the curtains have to be left open, then use timer switches on table lamps instead of the main ceiling light. Timers should be set to come on when it is dark, especially during winter.


Image of a Smoke alarm Many people are concerned that additional security could hamper escape in the event of a fire. Good security is meant to stop a burglar getting in, not people getting out. It is essential that you fit a smoke alarm to give an early warning. It is better not to lock internal doors which could block your escape route. Always keep any keys close to you so as not to cause any delay, but don't leave them in the lock itself. Window lock keys should be left near to the window but out of sight and reach of intruders.