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Tameside Community Response Service

Tameside Community Response Service


What is the Community Response Service?

It is an alarm service to help people live safely and independently in their own home. We employ a team of local workers who will respond in case of emergency. We provide different types of alarms depending on your needs and health. Some are activated by you, others are triggered by sensors installed in your home

Who is the Community Response Service for?

This service is for anyone living in Tameside either in private, rented or
owner – occupied accommodation. It is available to anyone over 18 regardless of their personal circumstances.

Why have an alarm from the Community Response Service?

Because the Community Response Service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will respond whenever an alarm is triggered.
When an alarm is activated, we take action. We can have a worker with you within 20 minutes. Our alarms provide reassurance to you, your family and your friends that we will respond if you fall or have an accident in or around your home, or
  • if you need help during the night
  • if you suffer a medical emergency
  • if you fear harassment or anti-social behaviour
  • if you have a bogus caller 

How does it work and what response will I receive?

Some alarms you activate yourself, new Telecare alarms rely on sensors to automatically alert our control room. Some alarms are worn on the wrist or around the neck; others are fixed. The Bogus Caller alarm will be fitted near the front door. Other alarms are fitted where they are best able to detect gas, smoke, water etc
If your alarm is activated, the Community Response Service will always respond and take appropriate action to keep you safe; speaking with you, sending a worker, calling the emergency services or contacting someone else on your behalf if you prefer it.

What if I need extra support sometimes?

Community Response Plus is an enhanced service to cover times when a relative is away on holiday or you have been discharged from hospital and you need extra support for a short time. Depending on your requirements, a worker will keep in regular contact with you to check you have the support you need.
When you sign up for Community Response, we note any information that will help us look after you. This may be details of any health issues, your GP and your preferred contacts in case of emergency, perhaps a friend, relative or neighbour. Any information you give us is kept strictly confidential.

What equipment do you need?

The Community Response Service supplies and fits all the equipment needed.

How much does it cost?

This includes the loan of the alarms, 24 hour monitoring and any response made by Community Response workers. Charges can be paid weekly, monthly or annually.

Prices for 2017/2018 are as follows:
  • Weekly Payment Scheme   = £6.32
  • Monthly Payment Scheme  = 1 month @ £32.01 followed by 9 months @ £32.90  
  • Annual Payment Scheme   = £329.01 (a bill for the year will be sent to your address)
  • You can pay your bill on-line. Please note you will need to select "General Debtors" as the Type of Payment" and use your customer billing number (which you will find on your bill) for the "Account Reference Number".

Telecare Sensors

Telecare is the name given to a new range of alarms that rely on sensors to automatically alert us to changes in your home.
In addition to the traditional pendant alarm worn around the neck and the Bogus Caller button that you activate yourself, Telecare devices use sensors to detect if someone has:-
  • Slumped out of a chair or fallen
  • Taps have been left on and there is water on the floor  
  • The temperature is too high or too low
  • There is smoke or carbon monoxide
  • Opened a door at an inappropriate time
  • Had an epileptic seizure  

Telecare devices can be used to switch on lights when you get out of bed or raise the alarm if you've been out of bed for too long. Sensors are placed in strategic places around the home and are individually programmed to trigger an alarm in our control room, via the Carephone, if things are not as they should be.
Community Response will take whatever action is necessary to ensure you are safe. This may be talking with you through the Carephone checking that everything is OK, sending a worker to your home to help you or by calling the Police, Ambulance or Fire Service.
Telecare alarms can be adapted for deaf and hard of hearing users.

I'm Interested -What Happens Next?

Telephone us for an informal chat or email us and we will tell you more about the service and charges. You can also complete the on-line form or we can post a form to you.
 We'll need to arrange a time to visit you and to install the equipment.
All Tameside MBC and Local Policies and Procedures relating to the Community Response Service and your support are available to view at the Community Response Service offices.

To contact the Community Response Service telephone 0161 342 5100 alternatively send us message at
Dukinfield Town Hall
King Street
SK16 4LA
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