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Cyclist Awareness for Drivers

Think road Safety

Advice for drivers

  • If driving, you should anticipate more cyclists than usual, especially at peak times of day.
  • Look out for cyclists. Make eye contact where possible to show you have seen them. Use your indicators to signal intentions and look out for their signals.
  • Give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking them.
  • Always check for cyclists when opening your car door, pulling out at a junction, or when doing a manoeuvre.
  • Advanced stop lines at lights allow vulnerable road users (e.g. cyclists) to get to the front and increase their visibility. You must stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red. When the green signal shows allow the other road user time and space to move off.
  • Allow other road users to maintain social distance, where possible. For example, give cyclists space at traffic lights. Public Health England recommends keeping a 2 metre distance from others, where possible