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How Can I Get Cycling?

Tameside is a great place to get into cycling.  If you’ve not set foot or bottom on a bike for a while, there are a variety of cycling training sessions, facilities and helpful tips to get you into cycling.  Explore the links below to find out more.

Free cycle training

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) offer free cycling training to help you improve your skills and increase your confidence on a bike.  You can find out more here: free cycle training

What’s the right bike for me?

There’s a bike to suit everyone - find the most suitable bike for you using a handy guide: What’s the right bike for me?

How do I maintain my bike?

Maintaining your bike is important – find out how with a useful checklist for bike maintenance: How do I maintain my bike?

Tameside Cycling Circuit

Active Tameside’s cycling facility is a great way to practice riding and improve your confidence.  Bikes and equipment are even provided free of charge.  Find out more here: Tameside Cycling circuit

Learning to ride for adults:

You’re never too old to learn to ride a bike. Here is some guidance if now is the time for you and see how far it takes you.

Learning to ride for children:

Teaching children to ride a bike is easy… if you know how. Only takes a few weekend practices and here is some excellent guidance: 

Cycling safety tips for cyclists:

With the roads clearer of cars it’s still important to make sure you are safe whilst riding on roads. Worth a watch.

How to take care of your bike in preparation for the winter:

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