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Key Statistics about Tameside

The Borough of Tameside lies to the East of Greater Manchester, stretching eastwards from the urban hub of Manchester to the moors of the Peak District. Tameside shares borders with Oldham, Manchester, Stockport and the Derbyshire Borough of High Peak. Tameside is well connected to the region and beyond by the M60 and M67 motorways and quality rail links to Manchester and Yorkshire.
  • Tameside has a total estimated population of 226,493
  • There are 101,330 dwellings on the valuation list in Tameside.
  • Of the 141 areas in Tameside, 11 of these fall within the most deprived 5% nationally and a further 18 fall within the most deprived 10% nationally.  In total, 13.4% of Tameside residents live in income-deprived households.
  • In March 2019, 3.9% of working age residents in Tameside claimed benefits
  • 64% of pupils (58% of boys and 70% of girls) met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths at Key Stage 2 in 2018 compared to 64% nationally (61% of boys and 69% of girls)
  • 62.1% of school children (59.4% of boys and 64.9% of girls) in Tameside achieved a standard 9-4 pass in English and Maths at GCSE level in 2018 compared to 59.4% nationally (55.5% of boys and 63.7% of girls)
  • Life expectancy at birth is currently 81.1 years for females and 77.5 years for males in Tameside. 
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Data from the 2011 Census can be accessed for various different geographical levels via


Information about the plans for the 2021 Census can be found here.External Link

Data from the 2001 Census for Tameside can be found here

Schools Data

Individual schools performance and overall performance by local authority area can be found here.External Link

LAIT is an interactive tool that presents information in interactive tables and charts and includes data on looked after children, child protection, special educational needs, children’s health etc.  The tool can be downloaded here External Link

Information on allocation statistics for individual schools can be found here

Information on the number of pupils in our schools can be found here

Labour Market Statistics

Data related to the economy, number of businesses and benefits claimants can be found at Nomis. External Link


Our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment provides a comprehensive description of the current health and wellbeing of the population of Tameside and recommendation for action that will lead to improvements, 

Local Health – this website has been developed by Public Health England to provide health data at small area level