Accessibility Statement
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Pedestrian Crossings


Facilities to assist the disabled and mobility impaired

To address the needs of disabled and mobility impaired persons, Tameside Council has a policy of incorporating dropped kerbs at appropriate places within work to improve and maintain the existing highways as well as requiring such provision as a condition of adopting new roads and streets. Work specifically targeted at improving access on the highway is also implemented where funding is available.

This provision will include ramping down footway surfaces as necessary, and the provision of tactile paving surfaces to assist the visually impaired, in accordance with Department of Transport Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces.

There is a national Best Value Performance Indicator for the percentage of controlled pedestrian crossings (ie. signal controlled pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings) that have facilities for the disabled. Tameside's current figure is 69%.

Requests for the provision of dropped kerbs to aid pedestrians can be made through the local District Assemblies.