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Empty Homes In Tameside

If you are interested in selling, renting and repairing your empty property Tameside Council are glad to be of assistance. Transforming your empty property will not only turn a financial burden into a cash generator, but it will also be of great benefit to the community.

In Tameside there is a shortage of good quality and well-managed affordable housing for local families. The Council’s empty home programme works with trusted local partners with a long-track record of working in the borough.

Our aim is to find long-term sustainable solutions. We work with a range of local property professionals to ensure that you will be well-formed about the sales and rental value of your home.  

As an owner it could mean the difference of several thousand pounds, steady rental income, and huge property uplift through repairs work.

If you are an empty home owner contact today.


Lease and Repair

Lease and Repair is a generous offer run with one of our housing association partners, Ashton Pioneer Homes (APH). We have over 30 property owners currently benefitting from the scheme. Long term solutions, turning a financial liability into an asset without any of the work associated with becoming a landlord.

About the Initiative

At Tameside Council we operate an Empty Homes Program that is fair, successful and transparent.
Under the terms of our lease and repair initiative, owners of vacant housing can enter into a six-year agreement with Ashton Pioneer Homes (APH). The property is renovated, a tenant is found, council tax is paid for, management services and maintenance are provided, and monthly rent payments are guaranteed. Ashton Pioneer Homes plan to do this all over 12 months and eight steps.

     Ashton Pioneer Homes’  Lease and Repair Initiative 
 in 8 Easy Steps


 Expression of Interest and Property Survey
To get the ball rolling you need to do two things:

Fill out the Expression of Interest form including basic information about the property.

You will need to provide a copy of your ID with the form. You can either scan it and send it together with the form to or bring ID in to the Ashton Pioneer Homes office. It will be verified and returned to you.

Commission an outline structural survey of the property – to understand what the condition is before appraising the cost of work. The cost of the survey by the Council Surveyor is £250, to be paid for by the owner of the property.


Outline Cost & Income Appraisal based on the  Survey provided to the Owner


Contractor Price Agreed and a Final Appraisal is sent to the Owner


Grant Application and Approval
Government grant is available for individual properties, meaning that the cost of renovation doesn’t fall entirely on the property owner.  Up to £28,000 may be available per property, but grant is usually capped at 50% of the total cost. So if it takes £20,000 to renovate, £10,000 could be supplied by grant with the owner providing the rest.


Lease Agreement signed and Work Begins on Site
Once all the paperwork has been finalised the property owner signs a Lease Agreement with Ashton Pioneer Homes, the contractor is issued with a purchase order and the renovation work begins!


Completion of Works


The Property is let out via Ashton Pioneer Homes


Guaranteed monthly rent payments to the owner for the life of the lease/contract, capital uplift from renovated property, council tax paid for, new home for Tameside residents.


About Ashton Pioneer Homes

Ashton Pioneer Homes (APH) is an award-winning, not-for-profit housing association based in Ashton-under-Lyne.  The Empty Homes Programme is built on APH’s flexible offer of housing management, consultancy & support. 


What tenants have said about the scheme

Tenants have described how the process of viewing the flat was very good, and the flat was clean and in good condition.

Quick and easy application process

Appointment made with APH for interview within the week of passing a credit check

The rent level is good, with tenants happy to pay one month rent and one month deposit at interview.


If you are looking to put your empty property on the open market we have strong partnerships which can help guide you through the process. The housing market across Tameside is gaining strength with demand regularly outstripping supply on a whole range of properties.

Our partners have a suite of products tailored to the needs of empty home owners from free market appraisals to mortgage advice.