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TMBC Reports and Projects


Our Carbon and Environment Strategy 2021-26 aims to create a collective responsibility for our borough’s environment. It is important residents and business find the support they need from us to cut their carbon, which will help them offer support to their communities.
The climate strategy, which takes its lead from Greater Manchester’s five-year environment plan, breaks down the challenge facing Tameside into five main areas: greenspace and biodiversity; homes, buildings and workplaces; influencing other to cut emissions; reducing waste and procuring sustainably; travel and transport.

Greater Manchester 5 Year Plan

We work closely with colleagues in neighbouring Greater Manchester councils to have a shared approach to this agenda. Across Greater Manchester we have a 5 Year Environment Plan for 2019-2024 which describes the collective actions needed now and over the next 5 years to meet our ambitious targets. 


Tameside Home Energy Conservation Act

This report summarises the work that Tameside Council are committed to in improving the energy efficiency of housing in the borough as well as some of the work that is underway and planned for the future.

Tameside Home Energy Conservation Act Word Doc


Tameside Greenhouse Gas Report

As part of Tameside MBC's commitment to sharing information on greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change, we have published our footprint report for the period 2008/09 - 2021/22

Greenhouse Gas Report Word Doc

Environment and Climate Emergency Working Group

Tameside Council’s Environment and Climate Emergency Working Group monitors Council activities to reduce energy consumption and the related carbon emissions and reducing waste. This ranges from initiatives to encourage behaviour change to larger schemes and projects to cut carbon.

Affordable Warmth Strategy

Tameside Council’s Affordable Warmth Strategy PDF