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Notes on Registration of Food Premises


What Registration Is

Registration of premises used for a food business (including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures) is required by law. Registration will allow local authorities to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in their area so they can visit them when they need to. The frequency of the visits will depend on the degree of risk involved.


Who needs to register

When you start a new food business or take over an existing business, you must register with your local authority.
A food business is anyone preparing, cooking, storing, handling, distributing, supplying or selling food.
Registration applies to food business like:

  • restaurants, cafes and takeaways
  • catering businesses run from home, mobile catering and temporary businesses
  • food stalls, food pop ups and food vans
  • distance selling, mail order and food delivery
  • companies involved with food distribution or supply that operate from an office should register - even if no food is kept at the premises
  • If you operate more than one premises, you need to register each premises with the local authority where it’s located.


How to Register

Register by filling in this application form. Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge. The registration form must be returned to us at the address stated at the top of the page. If you use premises in more than one local authority area, you must register with each authority separately.

Application Form

Application Form

Click here to access the online application form to register as a food business.


You must tick all the boxes which apply to your business, answer all the questions and give all the information requested. Seasonal businesses operating for a certain period each year should give the dates between which they will be open in answer to question 9. If you have any questions your local authority will help you. It is an offence to give information which you know is false.


What Happens to the Information Given on the For

We will enter the details on its Register. A register of the name of the business (if any), the address, telephone number and the type of business carried on at each will be open to inspection by the general public. Records of the other information provided will not be publicly available.


Notifying u of any Changes

Once you have registered with us you only need notify us of a change of proprietor or if the nature of the business changes. The new proprietor will have to complete an application form.

If we wish to change the entry in the Register because of information which it receives from someone else you will be give 28 days notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed change.

These notes are provided for information only and should not be regarded as a complete statement of law

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