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Fostering Service 2020-21 Annual Report

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Fostering Service 3 year Marketing & Recruitment Strategy

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Sons & Daughters Month - Josh’s Story

Josh Clegg, 22, whose parents Foster for Tameside Council, shares his story of being part of a fostering family for Sons and Daughters Month (October) 2021



Tell us a bit about your family’s fostering journey; how long you have been part of a fostering family and how did you adjust to your parents being foster carers?
We have been fostering for about 4 years now, I was 18 when we started the training and then got our first child. I remember taking part in the training as I wanted to know all the ins and outs of how fostering works and how I could adapt my life to suit. I was excited, the thought of a new person coming to live with us, a new member to the household, it would create new feelings for me. I had been an only child all my life up until this so the thought that a young person coming to live with us was exciting. I realised that I had to adapt, and I had to adjust. I wasn’t number 1 anymore. But I had more responsibility. I realised that I could help my parents with fostering on a different level. I didn’t have to be the authority, I didn’t have to enforce new rules, I had to lead them to show how the family works, to show how we are here to help, to show a happy, relaxing, caring, fun household. I also understood that I could be the fun one in the house. I could play games; I could reminisce about my youth with the new members. It was all an exciting process for me, and I loved the change that happened and still believe it was a fantastic decision.
How did things change for you when your family started fostering?
Things changed because I wasn’t the only child no more, I had to understand that I was no longer going to be the main priority and that some of the stuff we did as a family would have to change. But I believe these were positive changes because it enabled us to adapt to a new lifestyle. Our day-to-day lifestyle changed, but my parents always made sure no matter what the change, it would never have a negative impact on me, it would be beneficial to everyone in the household. The changes may have seemed scary at first, but I realised after a while, they were all positive changes.
What are the best things about being part of a fostering family?
For me, the best thing is having a household full of character. Every foster child is different. Every person is different, Me, my mum and dad. So, adding all these characters under one roof, some may say it’s chaos, but realistically I don’t think I would want it any other way. There is always something happening, and we can all get involved, we can all help in our own way. It’s all a lot of fun!
What would you say to sons & daughters of families looking to foster?
I would say be prepared for change, be prepared for a busy house. However, I would also say, be excited. As a son or daughter, you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty, you can focus on the fun aspects. Remember, you aren’t their sibling, but you're the next best thing, so live that role. Play games, give advice that your parents can’t, be the extra element in the foster child's life and they will come to you, they will talk to you, they will see you differently to how they see your parent’s. It is an exciting and fun role. It is also really rewarding. Something I also believe is key in how the foster child gets on.
Anything else you want to add - any stories or anecdotes to share…
I could list off thousands of stories we have from over the years, how me and one foster child have our own little quirks such as watching Cruising with Jane McDonald. This may seem bizarre to many, but this is something we share together, and we appreciate these times. How I taught one little boy some fun clapping game which we do every time we see each other now, it’s almost like our own personal handshake and it keeps the little boy that satisfaction and excitement, this is something me and him share. How when I go round to the house now and see them there is always someone to talk to, or someone to play with, or help with homework. There is so much that I can offer being my age and being young, like the children, that my parents may not understand. Being a son in a foster family is such a great role, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!
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