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Celebrating Tameside’s Foster Families this Foster Care Fortnight – Do you have what it takes?

Foster Care Fortnight

Zoom Information Sessions 19th & 20th May

Have you ever thought about fostering but you are unsure if it's the right thing for you and your family? 

Maybe you have been looking into fostering for a while and would benefit from speaking to a local foster carer? 
We know that looking into fostering can be daunting, so we want to take the fear out of fostering and answer all the questions you will have. We want to make sure you are equipped with all the information you need before making a decision.
Our Zoom information sessions are the perfect way for you to chat to a foster carer in a friendly and informal way. We are running 2 sessions during Fister Care Fortnight:

In the sessions you will:

  • Hear from a Tameside Foster Carer who will share their experiences of fostering for Tameside, the process and the support on offer.

  • Chat to us about about fostering and ask any questions you have.

  • Talk to our Recruitment Officer and a Social Worker on the process from enquiry to approval and how you are supported throughout your fostering journey.

  • Find out more about the different types of fostering and which might be best for you.

Whether you don't know anything about fostering and are curious to know more, or if you are ready to make an enquiry and have a few more questions - everyone is welcome.

To join us, please either complete our short online form & express that you would like to join the recruitment session, simply email us at or call us on 0161 342 2342 and we will send a Zoom link to you.

Hear from one of Tameside’s Foster Families
Foster Family

‘We always wanted a house full of children’ – Tameside Council foster carers share why they have ‘The best job in the World’

Lisa and James Taylor, both 41, from Audenshaw have shared their joy at being foster parents - they now can’t imagine life being any other way.

They are supporting Tameside Council’s Fostering Recruitment Campaign this Foster Care Fortnight to encourage local people from all backgrounds to care for local children and young people of all ages.

 Lisa says ‘We’ve been fostering for 3 and a half years now, we do task-centred fostering and currently look after two young siblings. We’ve looked after 13 children in total’.

Lisa and James’s son Archie, 12, always wanted a younger brother or sister. Lisa had grown up with her mum working as a childminder and ‘was brought up in a house full of children’ which she loved, so the family looked into fostering as a natural next step.

When Archie showed so much excitement at the idea of his family fostering, the couple knew it was the right thing to do.

Before they fostered, both Lisa and James worked full-time during the week, but now fostering has enabled Lisa to give up work and focus on fostering full-time.
She expressed now how she has the ‘best job in the world’ and says ‘I can’t fault the support on offer, our Social Worker has been amazing - it’s a really rewarding and fulfilling role’.

To anyone who has considered fostering but is unsure, Lisa says ‘I was the same, not knowing what to expect. I would say go and do your research, speak to those already doing it – we get so much joy out of it. It’s amazing’.

Richard Hancock, Director of Children’s Services for Tameside Council, speaks of the benefits fostering has to local children:

‘Foster Care Fortnight is a great way to raise the profile of fostering and celebrate the work that our fantastic foster carers are already doing. We are in need of lots more carers to look after local children and young people within Tameside. It’s certainly a challenging role but we believe providing young people with the chance to thrive and achieve their dreams is both rewarding and worthwhile.’

To enquire about fostering this Foster Care Fortnight, go to and fill out the online enquiry form or call 0161 342 2342 to chat to a member of the fostering team today.

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