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Tameside Drug and Alcohol Action Team


Get Home Safely


Use a Licensed Vehicle


Think Safe, Drink SafePrivate Hire Firms


A1 Private Hire, Dukinfield Telephone Number 0161 343 5050

A2B, Ashton Telephone Number 0145 783 9000

Call a Car, Denton Telephone Number 0161 320 7117

Cavalier Radio Cars, Stalybridge  Telephone Number 0161 338 4055

Denton Links, Denton Telephone Number 0161 336 2020

Fone a Car, Stalybridge Telephone Number 0161 304 8000

Radio Cars, Ashton Telephone Number 0161 330 2090

Swift Radio Cars, Stalybridge Telephone Number 0161 303 8137

Stamford Radio Cars, Ashton Telephone Number 0161 339 4411

Hyde Cars, Hyde Telephone Number 0161 366 6655

Tameside Radio Cars, Hyde Telephone Number 0161 368 9585

Get Home Safely

  • Phone one of the private hire firms listed above
  • Visit a booking office located in or around the town centre
  • Hire a Hackney Carriage vehicle (Black Cab)

Black Cabs/Taxis

  • Have white licence plates on front and rear and illuminated hire sign
  • Can rank up and be flagged down

Tameside Private Hire Cars

  • Have yellow licence plates on front and rear and must be booked through an operator
  • Cannot rank up or be flagged down; this invalidates their insurance
  • Must be pre-booked