Haughton Green Supplementary Planning Document


The Haughton Green Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides planning guidance for a specific area of Haughton Green, highlighting the importance of good design and the quality of local character to ensure future proposals within the boundary of the SPD area respect and enhance this.
Allied with policies focused on future development, the SPD highlights specific project principles which could further enhance the areas character. The SPD contains a number of policies to assist developers when designing schemes and help the Council to make consistent decisions when assessing planning applications.
The Draft SPD was subject to a 6 week period of public consultation from 27 March 2017 to 8 May 2017. At the end of the consultation period all comments submitted were read, assessed and subsequent amendments made to the SPD as set out within the Consultation and Adoption statements below.
A meeting of the Councils Executive Cabinet to consider approval of the document took place on 30 August 2017. As a result the SPD was approved and has now been formerly adopted by the Council as planning guidance with effect from 11 September 2017.
The Haughton Green SPD and its associated documents are all available to download below:
Haughton Green Supplementary Planning Document (4.25MB)
Haughton Green SPD – Sustainability Appraisal Report (0.23MB)
Haughton Green SPD – Habitat Screening Opinion (0.03MB)
Haughton Green SPD – Consultation Statement (0.56MB)
Haughton Green SPD – Equalities Impact Assessment (0.68MB)
Haughton Green SPD – Adoption Statement (0.04MB)
Reference copies of the above documents are also available at Council Libraries, its Customer Service Centre and the Planning Departments Principal Office during normal opening hours.

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