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Contraception and Sexual Health


Sexual Health Services

All Contraception and Sexual Health Services are open access which means that people can use any clinics in any area.
Tameside’s Contraception and Sexual Health Service is Locala Health and Wellbeing at The Orange rooms, Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7SR
This service offers:

  • testing and treatments of all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including HIV

  • all methods of contraception including implants, coils and emergency contraception

  • pregnancy testing

  • and all relevant sexual health advice.

These clinics are free and confidential and the doctors, nurses and health advisors are happy to help.
The Service also offers an online service for people who have no symptoms, but would like a sexual health check-up using a kit sent through the post. Kits are available to all ages. Please note that this is an STI screening service and is not meant as a substitute for a face to face visit.  
For more information, to access the clinic, to book an appointment, or request an online kit please visit their website, phone 0161 507 9460, email or visit Locala Health and Wellbeing.


Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex you may be at risk of pregnancy and if you do not want to be pregnant you may need emergency contraception. This can be accessed free of charge from:

Your emergency contraceptive options will include:

  • a copper intrauterine device - its the most effective form of emergency contraception and can act as emergency contraception if they are fitted within 120 hours (up to 5 Days) of unprotected sex.

  • oral emergency hormonal contraception - needs to be taken within 120 hours (up to 5 days) of unprotected sex, but the sooner you take it the better the chance of it working. However this will only help protect you against one episode of unprotected sex, so it’s important to use other contraception such as condoms for the rest of your cycle, and until you can start a more effective method.



Contraception is used to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. There are over a dozen methods of contraception to choose from. Most women want to use a method of contraception that is safe, reliable, and does not require too much thinking about. There are four methods that fit this description: contraceptive implants, IUDs (intrauterine devices), IUSs (intrauterine systems), and contraceptive injections. These are long-acting methods of contraception. Other popular methods include the contraceptive pill and the progestogen-only pill.

For more information contact and to access contraception contact:

Locala Health and Wellbeing, The Orange rooms, Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7SR – tel: 0161 507 9460 or email

Or your GP



Deciding to have an abortion can be a difficult decision to make. Talking through the options with a doctor or nurse can help you reach your decision.


Locala Health and Wellbeing, The Orange rooms, Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7SR – tel: 0161 507 9460 or email

Or your GP

If you decide to go ahead then contact Central Booking Manchester, as they make the appointments for all the clinics in Greater Manchester.

Book a consultation on 0345 365 0565, during the following times:

·         Mon to Fri: 8am - 9pm

·         Sat: 9am - 6.30pm

·         Sun: 9.30am - 2.30pm

The calls are charged at a local rate. The number might appear on your bill.



Why test?
People can live with HIV for years before having any symptoms. The only way to be sure is to have an HIV test. Getting tested for HIV means that, if you are infected with the virus, you can receive treatment and care before the infection causes too much damage to your body and health. Early diagnosis and treatment of HIV is associated with near normal life expectancy. It is really important to get tested regularly for HIV, if you are sexually active and when you change sexual partners, because HIV often has no symptoms.
How can I get an HIV test?
HIV tests are available from a range of services:

  • Your local clinic  by booking an appointment online at Locala Health and Wellbeing or access a sexual health clinics in another area
  • FREE Postal Testing Kits available online from visiting Locala Health and Wellbeing
  • FREE TESTING HIV - a nationally commissioned HIV home sampling screening service.
  • Your GP surgery
  • Your local drugs agencies, if you are an injecting drug user.
  • An antenatal clinic, if you are pregnant.
Exposure to HIV  

Support Services

  • George House Trust provides support for people living with HIV Call 0161 274 4499 or email:

  • LGBT Foundation is a national charity delivering a wide range of services to lesbian, gay and bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities. The LGBT Foundation offer some sexual health services including Point of Care testing for HIV.

  • BHA For Equality are Greater Manchester Sexual Health service and provides prevention and support services for anyone at risk of, living with or affected by HIV in Greater Manchester.

  • GMPaSH – Passionate about Sexual Health across Greater Manchester is a partnership of BHA for Equality, George House Trust and LGBT Foundation to deliver STI and HIV prevention and support. The website has lots of information on sexual health, HIV, PREP, contraception, links to services and much more. There is also a link to a low cost condom scheme provided by the NHS Freedoms service.