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Tameside Food Partnership


1. Vision:

Our vision is to work in partnership with public, private and voluntary sectors and communities in Tameside to create a food environment, system and culture that promotes health, stimulates the local economy, benefits communities and reduces environmental impact. 
Our aspiration is that all providers of food maximise the provision of healthy and nutritious unprocessed food such as wholegrains, vegetables and fruit and minimise food high in fat, sugar and salt; all residents have access to affordable healthy food and have the skills and confidence to cook from scratch; no-one goes hungry; food and packaging waste is minimised; and the impact on health and the environment is a primary factor in all food enterprises within the Borough.

2. Aim:

The aim of the strategy group is to develop, implement and monitor a healthy and sustainable food strategy and action plan for Tameside.

3. Objectives

These objectives are in line with the principles of the Sustainable Food Cities model.
  1. To make the supply and consumption of affordable healthy and sustainable food the norm.
  2. To address and reduce food poverty
  3. Promote community food knowledge, skills and resources
  4. Develop a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy
  5. Increase healthy and sustainable catering and procurement
  6. Reduce waste and the ecological footprint of the system.