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LCS Leaving Care Services
Access to records

All care leavers can request access to their records as held by Children’s Social Care. All care leavers making a formal request for access to their records will be asked to put the request in writing and your Social Worker or Personal Advisor will be able assist in doing this if necessary. When an application has been received from a care leaver, the request will be acknowledged promptly and in writing, or other appropriate forms of communication if required. The care leaver will be informed about the process and procedure, timescales for dealing with such requests and the services that the authority is able to provide.

An acknowledgement should be sent to the care leaver within ten working days, confirming that records exist. If the authority knows that the care records do not exist, we will seek to ensure no delay when informing you of this.

Your Social Worker needs to keep a record of your health, education, family members and placement arrangements etc. so in the future you can look back and see what has happened to you and have a record of your time in care. If you have a change of worker your new worker can look at your file to find out about you.

Your Social Worker and Personal Advisor will take notes of their visits with you and meetings about you. We also keep notes on how we work with you so we can see how we need to improve. In Tameside all records are kept on an electronic case file system. This is a secure database and only workers who have been provided security access can view your files. This ensures your records remain confidential.

Can I see my file?

Yes, the law says you have a right to see personal information held about you unless we think it would be emotionally harmful to you. If we decide you cannot see your records then your Social Worker will explain why to you. When you are 18 you will be able to see all of the records kept in relation to you, and your Social Worker will talk to you about what support you will need to read and understand the papers.

Exit Interviews

Within a period of 6 months prior to your 21st birthday you will be asked by your Personal Advisor to complete an Exit Interview Questionnaire. This can be completed in isolation or with the support of an impartial professional. The Exit Interview will seek your views on your entire journey through the Leaving Care Service, covering aspects such as education, accommodation support and post 21 planning. Your feedback into this document is vitally important to us to ensure that we continue to review, progress and improve services for you


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