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Schedule of Library Charges


From 1 April 2023

Facility Cost
Internet - Library members
  • Free for first hour in any day
  • 89p per half hour thereafter
Internet - Non members £1.81 for each half hour
Non-Internet Use of Computers Free
Compact Discs £1.65 for 3 weeks
Talking Books £1.65 for 3 weeks
Language Courses £1.65 for 3 weeks
DVDs/Videos (various charges) Charged at the rental rate
Reservations (in Stock) Free
Items borrowed from outside Tameside £6.08 for each item
Overdue charges - Books and Sound Recordings
  • Customers 0-17 years old: no charge
  • Customers 18-59 years old: 22p per day, to a maximum of £5 per item
  • Customers 60+ years old: 11p per day, to a maximum of £2.50 per item
Overdue charges - DVDs/Videos
  • All customers: charged at the rental rate
Administration Charge - if you have books that are very overdue we will send you an invoice. There is an administration charge for the invoice in addition to any overdue charges you have accrued. You will not be allowed to borrow further items if there are overdue charges outstanding. You can avoid having overdue items by using our online renewal facilities via logging in to your library account, or asking library staff to renew items for you.
  • Administration charge - £22.00 for adults
  • Administration charge - £11.00 for children
Lost Key Cards - Replacement
  • £2.32 for adults
  • £1.15 for children
Lost or Damaged Items of Stock Charged at full replacement cost
Photocopying 14p per A4 Black & White sheet
24p per A3
Black & White sheet
68p per A4 Colour sheet
£1.32p per A3 Colour sheet
Memory sticks Subject to availability
Printing from the Computer 14p per A4 Black & White sheet
68p per A4 Colour sheet
3D Printing £1.18 per metre AND 58p per hour.
  • e.g. 2 meters (£2.36) + 3 hours (£1.74) = £4.10 total cost to print.