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Library Services for Deaf and Hearing Impaired people


Announcement: Full up to date details of current library services are available on the Libraries Homepage..

Induction Loops

All Tameside Libraries have induction loops to assist people who use hearing aids.  Please ensure your hearing aid is set to the 'T' position.

Deaf and British Sign Language collections

Stalybridge and Denton Libraries have Deaf/BSL collections that include:

  • Books and DVDs to support you when you are learning British Sign Language
  • Early years signing books
  • Books on deaf issues and culture
  • Books for parents and carers on childcare and education of children who are deaf

Deaf issues and resources in our Parents and Carers Collections

Some books are specially designed to help children and their parents or carers deal with new or demanding situations. All Libraries (except Newton) have parents and carers collections.  One of the topics covered in these collections is Deafness and Sign Language.  Resources include: 

  • Signing with babies and toddlers
  • Children's books with signs
  • Children's books with deaf characters
  • Books with deaf characters for young people
  • Books about situations aimed at children such as Oliver gets hearing aids by Riski and Klakow
  • Children's videos with BSL

Contacting Tameside Libraries

RNID Typetalk
You can contact Tameside libraries via RNID Typetalk, insert the prefix 18001 before the full telephone number
Telephone Number18001 0161 342 2031 (Ashton Library)

Text Message Service
Tameside Libraries can be contacted via mobile phone text.
Telephone Number07968 993869

Send us a message
You can contact Tameside Libraries electronically by sending us a message.
Send Electronic Message Send a message to the Libraries Information Service