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  Exciting News! ePress now brings
you eMagazines and eNewspapers via BorrowBox.

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eBooks and eAudiobooks are Now Live via ePress on BorrowBox 

Free for all Tameside Library members.
Tameside Libraries eMagazines via the Libby has now ceased. Tameside libraries access to eNewspapers via PressReader has now ceased. Please use BorrowBox for  eMagazines and eNewspapers as well as for eBooks, and eAudiobooks.
You don't need to do anything if you already have the BorrowBox App; all your digital content will now appear in the same App. If you haven't already got the BorrowBox App why not download it today.

Call us on 0161 342 4000 if you would like any further information.

Our fantastic eBook and eAudiobook download service in partnership with Greater Manchester Libraries and BorrowBox Link to External Website which already brings you a massive choice of bestselling eReading for all ages and tastes and is available 24/7, 7 days a week has been expanded to include eMagazines and eNewspapers. Download the app and start reading or listening within five minutes.

To borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks you need to be a member of Tameside Libraries. If you are not a library member, you can join here. Discover our collection on the BorrowBox Link to External Website website.

With BorrowBox you can:Borrow Box

  • borrow up to 6 eBooks and 6 eAudiobooks at a time, free of charge, each for up to 21 days
  • read or listen on many digital devices
  • reserve eBooks and eAudiobooks that are currently on loan to other customers
  • renew your loans (you can also renew a title once, even if another customer has reserved it)
  • return eBooks and eAudiobooks early or let them return automatically at the end of the loan period – no late return fees


Now you can also: 

  • borrow up to 6 eMagazines and eNewspapers at a time, free of charge, each for up to 21 days
  • subscribe to your favourite titles for free so you'll never miss the latest issue again
  • renew your eMagazine and eNewspaper loans if you need to
  • return eMagazines and eNewspapers early or let them return automatically at the end of the loan period - no late return fees
Creating a Borrowbox account is quick and easy; you just need your Library card number, 4 digit PIN and an email address. Simply go to the BorrowBox website Link to External Website and follow the instructions.
Full instructions on how to borrow, return and reserve items are on the BorrowBox website.

Don't just take our word for it, this is what one of our customers said:-

"I absolutely love the Borrowbox service, as I struggle to find the time to get to the library to take out 'real books'."

"Thank you for telling me about ePress on BorrowBox. I am using it and I love it. I was stunned by the number of eMagazines and Newspapers I can get with this now."


BorrowBox app

The best and easiest way to browse, borrow and read or listen to your eBooks and eAudiobooks is by using the BorrowBox app.
  • For iPhones and iPads open the App store on your device, search for Borrowbox and click the Get button.
  • For Android devices open the Play store on your device, search for Borrowbox and click Install.
  • For Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire devices open Amazon Apps, search for BorrowBox and download the app. (Please note that BorrowBox is not compatible with Kindle original or paperwhite eReaders).
  • Once you’ve installed the app, search for Tameside Libraries in the ‘Library’ field, and log in using your library card number and 4-digit PIN.
  • Have a look at the BorrowBox User Guide Video.


Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Available on Kindle fire



How to read ebooks on your PC or eReader

To read on your PC or an eReader such as a Kobo or Nook, you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your PC. If you haven't installed this software yet, please visit the Adobe Digital Editions download page and follow the installation instructions provided.

On the download page press the Download eBook button. When you get a pop-up dialogue box asking you whether you would like to Open, Run or Save, make sure that you select Open With and choose Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions will then import the eBook file and you can find it in the Borrowed section on the left side.
To transfer an eBook to an eReader device:

Attach your eReader device to your computer. It should appear in Adobe Digital Editions in the list on the left side. Now just drag the eBook onto the device.

How to listen to eAudiobooks

To listen to eAudiobooks you just need a media manager such as iTunes or Windows Media Player which is MP3 compatible. Download the audiobook book from the website, then unzip the file and move it to the media manager on your computer. Either listen on your computer or transfer it to an MP3 player.

For more help on setting up your computer or device to read eBooks or eAudiobooks, and to check device compatibility, visit the BorrowBox help page - you will need to sign-in to access the help area.

 Borrowbox    Borrow Box


Having problems?

If eReading Leafletyou are having problems with your BorrowBox Account or downloading titles give us a call on 0161 342 4000, alternatively log on to your account on the BorrowBox website Link to External Website and you will be able to use the Help Link to External Website pages for a range of helpsheets and support.

If you would like to suggest a title for purchase as an eBook or eAudiobook please send an email to     

Tameside Libraries provides access to digital media from a range of providers. Use of these services are subject to the provider’s terms and conditions. Tameside Libraries accepts no responsibility for materials accessed from the provider. Parents or guardians must assume responsibility for guiding young people in their use of these services whether these are accessed via the internet or apps.


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