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Pictures to Share

Illustrated books designed for people with dementia to share with their carers

a picture illustrating a page from the book The Countryside in pictures - stolen sweets are always sweeter
Tameside Libraries has a collection of very special books especially created for people with dementia. The books from the Pictures to Share Link to External Website series are large format and contain high quality images accompanied by a few lines of text.  Each picture in the books has been chosen to help jog memories, spark comments and bring pleasure to the reader.


We have 10 titles in the Pictures to Share range, all written by Helen Bate. 
a picture of someone looking at the book Childhood in pictures
Find the Pictures to Share books at Tameside Libraries

  • Supports reminisence activities
  • Prompts meaningful conversations
  • Can aid communication and understanding
  • Helps people to enjoy books again
  • Provides a shared experience with carers
  • Offers a calm, diverting experience


a picture of someone enjoying the book Travelling in pictures
If you need some inspiration on how to use the Pictures to Share books you can find more information from the Pictures to Share website Link to External Website.

Don't forget you can reserve any book via the library catalogue or by contacting any Tameside Library and we will deliver it to the library of your choice for you to pick up.