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Hackney Carriage Fares


Maximum Fares Payable by Passengers


Operative from March 2022


Tariff 1 - Day Rate

Day Rate
6.00am to 11pm

For first 153 yards


then for every 153 yards or part thereof
(Approximately £2.30 per mile)


Waiting time every 45 seconds
(Approximately £16.00 per hour)


Tariff 2 - Night Rate

Night Rate
11.00pm to 6am

For first 118.5 yards


then for every 118.5 yards or part thereof
(Approximately £3 per mile)


Waiting time every 36 seconds
(Approximately £20.00 per hour)


Tariff 3 - Holiday Rate

2pm 24 December to 6am 27 December
2pm 31 December to 6am 2 January
Public Holidays 24hr (midnight to midnight)

For first 100 yards


then for every 100 yards or part thereof
(Approximately £3.50 per mile)


Waiting time every 30 seconds
(Approximately £24.00 per hour)


Extra Charges


Each additional passenger or animals


Soiling charge (must be paid if inside of cab needs cleaning)


No extra charges for wheelchairs, prams, guide/hearing dogs or children under 12 years


Extras to be limited to a maximum of 60p for four-seater Hackney Vehicles, 80p for five-seater Hackney Vehicles, £1.00 for six-seater Hackney Vehicles, £1.20 for seven-seater Hackney Vehicles and £1.40 for eight-seater Hackney Vehicles.

Authorised Fares and charges when operating within the Borough of Tameside

When a hackney carriage is standing or plying for hire the fare for any hiring shall be calculated in accordance with the fare table for all journeys within the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside unless the hirer expresses his / her desire to engage a hackney carriage by time, when the rate of fare shall be calculated by time. Such rate of fare shall be agreed in advance prior to the commencement of the journey.

The rate of fares fixed by the Council shall include rates or fares for any journey commencing within Tameside and ending at any point within Greater Manchester, but outside Tameside, less than four miles from the nearest Tameside boundary.