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Adult Social Care is committed to enabling local people to remain well and living independently in their own homes and communities. Younger adults and older people who, because of a general deterioration in health or a long term condition, need additional support, can expect a good quality service that is person centred and meets their needs and is available when and where it’s needed.

Homecare is changing.

Living Well at Home – what used to be called homecare – is changing. Tameside Council, in partnership with the borough’s six contracted Living Well at Home providers, are committed to changing the way people are supported to live at home. We have invested time and money in ensuring that people’s support is focussed on what really matters to them.

Whilst Living Well at Home will continue to assist with the practical help that people need, the service is committed to changing the way this support is provided; ensuring the focus is as much about the person as it is about tasks. Support will be based on a more collaborative relationship between the person needing support and the staff providing that support; putting the individual at the centre and, wherever possible and appropriate, exploring options that aren’t necessarily just about paid support.

The borough’s Living Well at Home providers are increasingly more integrated with social work and district nursing colleagues as well as with community groups by way of ensuring people’s outcomes are met in ways that best reflect their particular needs and circumstances.


What does ‘person centred’ support mean in practice? If you need some extra support to remain living at home you can expect:
  • To be supported by homecare staff who are ‘in your corner’ and who believe in you
  • To be supported by staff and by a Living Well at Home provider who help you feel more in control; who are able to deliver practical help and who are in position to make things happen where need be
  • Staff who take time to get to know you and to listen to you and who are consistent in the good quality support they provide
  • Help to ensure you are at the centre of decision-making
  • To be supported to explore creative options to meet your needs; how might family and friends help? What technology or equipment would improve the quality of your life? What is happening in your local community that could help? What practical help do you need?
If you think you may need support to continue living well at home you can contact Adult Social Care on 0161 922 4888. If the Social Worker you see as a result determines you are eligible for support, your local Living Well at Home provider will contact you. The contracted providers below support people living in the following areas:
Able Care and Support Mossley and Stalybridge
Careline Ashton-Under-Lyne
Comfortcall    Denton
Creative Support    Droylsden and Audenshaw
Direct Care   Hyde, Hattersley and Longdendale
Medacs   Dukinfield and Stalybridge

Other approved homecare providers are available if you would prefer.

Your Living Well at Home provider will arrange to meet with you and, using the information from the Social Worker’s assessment as a starting point, will work with you (and your family if that’s what you’d like), to design – ‘coproduce’ – the care and support you need. Some of this support, indeed, quite possibly most of it, will be delivered by your Living Well at Home provider at times and frequencies agreed by you, with them, taking into account the nature of the help you need and the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Alongside this, you may decide, with the advice and help of your Living Well at Home provider, to meet some of your needs via other avenues; assistive technology for instance or by accessing community groups or activities. Your Living Well at Home provider will take time to explore with you how you maintain (or regain) the levels of self-care that are important to you and how family and friends could help with this when and where they can. Your coproduced care plan will then be reviewed with you over time and changed where necessary to meet your needs if and when they change. You can expect your provider to be resourceful and creative and also to help you navigate the ‘health and social care system’.

Case Study

Dane Bank, Denton

Comfortcall staff have started supporting a small group of older people from the Dane Bank area to meet once a week at Denton West Community Library. They all live on their own and, due to long term health conditions, rarely leave the house. Until recently, homecare staff would have had daily calls to assist individuals with tasks, but would not have been in a position to address issues like loneliness - and the often associated issues of depression and anxiety that can result - even though they may well have recognised them.

Now, by taking a more flexible approach to support, these same staff have been able to explore more creative ways of helping people to achieve what they want in addition to the practical support; in this case, to get out of the house and see other people. Every Wednesday afternoon, with the support of their homecare workers, the group meets at the library for a brew and a chat and often some kind of activity too.

Recently, with the help of Action Together Tameside, they have secured a small grant, opened a bank account and are now able to go to the local pub for lunch periodically. Getting out and making friends has been really good for all involved; the older people being supported, the homecare staff supporting them and the volunteers who run the community library. 
at the library margaret and vincent
At the library Margaret and Vincent

“My dad, aged 83 years, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Vascular Dementia and suffered a major stroke 2 years ago.  Added to this he lost his wife of 55 years in January of this year which has left him both devastated and lonely.  Although we (his family)  live close by we all work full time so the main time we can visit is in the evenings, which is when John is either very tired or in bed.

After my mum passed away, the deterioration in my dad was very noticeable and we became worried about his isolation.  Jean, at Comfort Call, mentioned a group which was starting up at the local library and asked if she thought my dad would like to attend…..Well he does attend, and he absolutely loves it…the difference in him on Wednesdays is marvellous….he’s planted daffodil bulbs (gardening was a major hobby of his), he’s been on an outing where there was a singer which he loved,  and the fact that he can chat to other people and get out of the house is just great.  We, as a family really, really appreciate what this has done for our dad, it’s something positive in his life that helps everybody in the family and gives my dad something to look forward to each week.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this, I really hope it continues”.  [Email from Helen regarding her father, John]

Case study

Cicely’s homecare worker noticed that she had a smart phone that she kept turned off in a bag. This prompted a conversation between the pair of them during which it transpired that Cicely had been given the phone by her daughter, but did not know how to use it.

Using a couple of banked hours a week over a couple of weeks, her homecare worker showed Cicely how to use the phone so that she could be better connected and could send photos etc. Cicely is now communicating with friends and family – including grandchildren in Wales - via Whatsapp. Cicely reports feeling a little less anxious now, partly as a result of knowing that she now has more control over the support she receives, whilst she is also keeping in touch with the outside world and her mind active.


Life before and now with Whatsapp

Meeting Cicely for mobile phone lessons


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Barrie and Carolyn
Barrie and Carolyn talk about shopping
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