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SEND Children Thrive – Matching provision to need


This resource was developed by the Educational Psychology Service in consultation with schools, settings and services across Tameside. The documents aim to provide a tool to support excellent practice across Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision in educational settings and promote positive outcomes for children and young people identified as having additional needs. This tool is reflective of the LA’s graduated response to SEND and embodies 2014 reforms, as it is collaborative, puts children and families at the centre, is transparent and it has a focus on outcomes.
We aspired to develop a resource that raised the standards of education and support for SEND children/young people through the sharing of best practice and known evidence-based interventions. The Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinators (SENDCos) of the local area have contributed with the ways of working that are effective in their schools and settings (practice-based evidence).
It is our hope that through this collaborative work, SENDCos will be empowered to advocate for SEND children from classroom practice to points of provision and to help the wider workforce understand that support needs to be targeted, evidence-based and focused. Together we can ensure that SEND children THRIVE!

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A leaflet explaining the SEND Children Thrive Resource for parents and carers can be found here (this leaflet was made by parents/carers for parents/carers)


SEND Children Thrive  – Evaluation

Please let us know your experiences of using the SEND Children Thrive document using this short survey: SEND Children Thrive - Evaluation - Google Forms. We will use this feedback to review and make amendments on an annual basis.