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Rayner Lane, Droylsden and Audenshaw

The Bee Network, unveiled in 2018, is a plan to revolutionise travel across Greater Manchester, making active travel the number one choice for travelling to work, to school and to the shops.  This can only happen if trips on foot or by bike are a safe and pleasant experience.

We are looking to make some changes in your area, with the aim of helping make the neighbourhood safer and more pleasant to help encourage more people to walk and cycle for short journeys.

The Rayner Lane scheme includes resurfacing and widening to remove pinch points on an off-highway route, which is an existing public right of way.  Access controls will be improved, to control vehicular movements and improve accessibility, and a new seating area will be provided.  This includes re-routing an existing public right of way to avoid steep gradients and width constraints.

An initial consultation was held in 2020 to inform the design development process.  A more detailed consultation was held between 12 December 2022 and 14 January 2023.  The feedback provided during the most recent consultation has been used to inform the current design which can be accessed on the below link.  We are currently waiting for the final approval of the business case before we can proceed with the upgrades.