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Heritage Bid

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Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Mossley District Assembly in Partnership with Mossley Hollins School and Mossley Youth Service


Lottery Funding Initiative - Mossley's Time Line

  • Mossley District Assembly worked on a bid application with Tameside Economic Development Unit and were awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project that will benefit all generations of the town.

  • Young people from Tameside Youth Base in Mossley and Mossley Hollins High School heard a series of informative talks and carried out research to help them learn about the town's rich heritage.
  • The information researched was used to help the pupils design a heritage mural for the toilet block and a heritage information point for Mossley's Market Square depicting Mossley's historical past.
  • Mossley Hollins' art teacher incorporated the design initiative in his classes and a design competition was held. Every child taking part in the project was given a t-shirt.
  • Young people have also undertaken spoken history research with Mossley's older generation and have recorded their memories of the past; what they did in the war, where they went to school, where they shopped, how they shopped, what they wore, how the town has changed, etc.
  • A film company was hired to train a small group of young people the techniques of interviewing and how to act in front of a film camera. Interviews took place, and the interview footage was used to pass the information to other pupils.
  • The winning designs were used as a basis for the mural positioned on the wall of the toilet block on Mossley market ground, and a 'Mossley heritage' noticeboard will shortly be positioned close to the mural containing information and directions to places of historical interest in the town.
  • The winning drawings used in the project:-

Image of the winning drawing for Mossley's Time Line