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Museum of the Manchester Regiment



The Museum of the Manchester Regiment collection is on loan to the Museum from the collections board of trustees and as such all items are their property. Any material donated to the Museum would be returned to them if the collection were to be returned to the trustees.

Offers to the Museums Collection

Do you have items that you were considering donating to the Museum? If you do please contact the curator to discuss your offer further.

Please do not bring items to the museum without a prior appointment with the curator and please do not send any items through the post.

Please also be aware that no one other than the curator is permitted to take items from members of the public so please do not offer to leave any objects with any member of staff in the Museum.

The Museum is very grateful for all offers of items to the Collection. However, not all items can be accepted, for a variety of reasons. The curator and other members of the curatorial offers team consider each offer on an individual basis.

There are many issues to consider when an item is offered to the museums collection the most important of which are that:

  1. The item relates explicitly to the history of the Regiment and/ors its people.
  2. The item is in a good state of repair.
  3. That there are not examples of the item already in the collection.
  4. That the offer is being made by an individual with legal title to the item.

The decision of the curatorial team is final however please do not be offended if an item cannot be accepted. Wherever possible the curator will suggest other potential places of deposit for you to approach.

The curator is not permitted to forward material to other places on your behalf.

The Museums Handling Collection

The curator is in the process of establishing a handling collection for use in educational activities relating to the history of the Regiment. The curator may suggest that the item(s) you have offered to the collection would be useful in this way.

What is the difference between the museums permanent collection and the handling collection?

The museums permanent collection is looked after in perpetuity and every reasonable effort is taken to reduce the risk of damage to these objects to ensure that they last as long as possible, for future generations to be educated and inspired by.

The museums handling collection is also cared for. However, as these items are used for educational and or display purposes these items will deteriorate faster than the museums permanent collection. Consequently, in due course these items may become to worn to be of any further use thus will be disposed of as seen fit by the curator in the future.

You may view the Museums and Galleries Service Acquisition and Disposal Policy here.

Financial Donations

There is no charge for visiting the museum or any other service offered, unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to make a financial donation to the Museum to help to mount temporary exhibitions or create educational activities we would be most grateful for any donation that you would care to make.

You can make a donation by placing a donation into the donation box located in the Museum or alternatively by sending a cheque made payable to 'Tameside MBC', along with a covering note explaining your generous gift, to the Business Manager, Portland Basin Museum, Portland Place, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside OL7 0QA.