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Museum of the Manchester Regiment


Lancashire Volunteer Regiments

Recent research has shown the existence in 1917 and 1918 of battalions of the Lancashire volunteer Regiments. They are not recorded as being a part of the regimental family although the following units were badged Manchester Regiment. Their role would appear to have been similar in description to that of the Home Guard raised during WWII. The members were all civilians who carried out evening and weekend training. They were provided with professional support by the 3rd line Territorial Reserve Battalion.

3rd Battalion Lancashire Volunteer Regiment

With headquarters at 94 Market Street, Manchester. It had a platoon based in Moston.

4th Battalion Lancashire Volunteer Regiment

With headquarters at 7 Leaf Square, Pendleton.

In 1917 described as 'a motley crew', the majority in civilian clothes and some in uniform.

1/15th (Oldham) Battalion Lancashire Volunteer Regiment

Consisted of 600 all ranks.

2/15th (Oldham) Battalion Lancashire Volunteer Regiment

Carried out musketry at Werneth Council School. Inspected in Manchester on 15 May 1915 by HM King George V and Queen Mary.