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Museum of the Manchester Regiment Object Focus

Bomber's Apron (1914-1918)

Bomb ApronWith the coming of war in the trenches, grenades became more and more important. However, carrying a number of grenades whilst fighting is very difficult. As a result, the grenadier had many different methods for carrying grenades. These included 'bomb buckets', like canvas buckets; pouches and haversacks; 'waistcoats' and 'aprons'.

These were worn by the grenadier, leaving his hands free and held anything from 6 to 11 bombs. Often 'bombers' or 'grenadiers' formed small special teams to penetrate the enemy trenches. Grenade aprons and waistcoats from the First World War are now quite scarce.

This 'bomber's apron' holds six grenades and was worn over the shoulders to hang in front of the soldier's chest and waist. Dating from 1915 or 1916 it is currently on loan to Lancashire County Museum Service and will form part of their new First World War Gallery. On the back of this apron is marked: '2851 Pte Albert Ryder 2bn'.