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Museum of the Manchester Regiment Object Focus

Brow-Band Horse Badge

Brow band Horse badgeThis badge was presented by the Blue Cross Society to the horse or ‘Charger’ of Lieutenant Colonel Reginald Salter Weston commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment, which served throughout the First World War. The badge is marked, “Treat me well. I have done my bit”.

The badge was made by a company called J.R Gaunt of London.

This badge was one of the first objects presented to the Museum, which opened at Ladysmith Barracks, Ashton-under-Lyne, in 1934, by Lt. Col. Weston himself.

Do you want to learn more about the Blue Cross Fund?

In 1897 the “Our Dumb Friends' League” was founded. By 1898 The League had 22 branches in England and Wales, one in Northern Ireland plus the cabman's branch in London.

In 1912 the league launched ‘The Blue Cross Fund’ to assist animals during times of war. From now on animals were to be helped in future conflicts, including the first (1914-1918) and second (1939-1945) world wars. In 1958 Our Dumb Friends' League became officially known as The Blue Cross.

Today, the Blue Cross Society continues to help a range of animals. Their mission is to:

“provide a service meeting all the welfare needs of companion animals through treatment, advice and support, and finding them caring homes”.

The Blue Cross is Britain's pet charity, providing practical support, information and advice for pet and horse owners. Through its network of animal adoption centres it rehomes thousands of animals each year. Its hospitals provide veterinary care for pets of people who cannot afford private vets' fees.

To learn more about their work please visit their website at: Link to External Website

Blue Cross Poster